Coram Deo collects data provided by site users through the email subscription and “Contact Us” forms. This includes name, email, phone number, and any info provided by users in the body of a message sent to us through the Contact Us pages. This information is used by Coram Deo employees and volunteers to minister to the user through email and phone communication. It is not shared with any third parties unless expressly requested by the user. However, if a user indicates that they may harm themselves or others, Coram Deo may share that info with the parties they deem necessary to protect lives.

Data provided by the user may be kept indefinitely but will be deleted at the user’s request. All personal data remains the property of the user and will be removed from the Coram Deo records if requested.

We’re a group of Christians trying to live life with God first and center. If there are any complaints about our data handling practices, please contact us by email at or by phone at (541)414-4594.