Brian Noble

Pastor at Coram Deo Ministries

Brian grew up here in Southern Oregon where he has spent the majority of his life. He cofounded Coram Deo in 2013 where he has been happy to serve faithfully for the last ten years.

Brian is husband to Ani for the past nineteen years and father to Cole (18), Ava (16), and Duke (14). Brian grew up in church and with his father owned his own company for 15 years. A few years back this company was sold and Brian is now able to commit himself to full time ministry. Brian loves spending time with his family, leading worship, reading, and baseball.

Brian is very levelheaded and even-keeled, and has a huge heart for the mission and vision of Coram Deo, and the discipleship and growth of its members.

Brian’s favorite Bible passage is Philippians 2, and it is his constant meditation as he wants to further cultivate a servant’s heart.

Brian is currently preaching through the book of Genesis.

Brian is passionate about incorporating the gospel into every sermon, and earnestly seeks to teach through the Bible in a way that will cause people to be exposed to the innumerable applications of God’s grace through the exposition of His Word.

Norm Noble

Deacon at Coram Deo Ministries

Norm was born into a typical hardworking family who embraced religion (at least twice a year). But at age 17 he realized something was missing. At age 17, out of the blue, a cute girl invited him to a Christmas youth group party, and about 2 months later his merciful God reached out to him and granted Norm His full assurance of salvation. It is now 40+ years later and he loves his sweet Savior Jesus Christ more now than ever.

Norm and his wife Jayne have been at Coram Deo since its inception and organization in the spring of 2013. In the spring of 2015 the church ordained Norm as a deacon to the church. He sincerely enjoys encouraging others and also loves to help, serve others and to sing songs to the Lord! He also enjoys even the thought of making his Savior and God smile. He loves helping those who need and want help. Sunday’s corporate worship and fellowships used to be somewhat “duty oriented” for him but at Coram Deo they are a joy! He so looks forward to being with his brothers and sisters in Christ now!

Norm’s favorite Bible passage is Luke 7:1-9. His prayer is to have this kind of faith always! A couple of his favorite songs are Even If and Grace Got You, both by Mercy Me.

The Noble family Mission Statement is “We will begin each day by putting God first, reading God’s word and in prayer lifting up others to our Lord. As a family we will strive to be a conduit of all the blessings God has given us. We will resist the temptation to be judgmental and evil surmise about others, and rather be an encouragement to those around us, seeking to see others, as God sees them.”